Differences between DSLR & Point and Shoot Camera’s


When purchasing a camera, you need to decide what the purpose of your camera will be.  Are you using it to capture family memories or are you using it to take pictures you can sell? These two types of cameras are very different. Here are some comparisons of their best qualities…

DSLR (Digital, Single, Lens, Reflex) Camera.

  • Has removable lenses.
  • Has reflex mirror.
  • Better image quality.
  • Wide variety of accessory options (lenses, flashes, filters, etc.)
  • Better speed.
  • Larger ISO range.
  • Manual and auto controls.
  • Holds its future value better.
  • Has better depth of field.
  • Better quality lens options.
  • Higher megapixels.
  • Larger image sensor.

Point and Shoot Camera.

  • Better size and weight.
  • Operates quieter.
  • Cheaper
  • LCD Screens for easier framing of photos.

If you are selling stock photo’s, many agencies require a camera with a minimum amount of megapixels or a specific size to qualify for their approval process.  If this is what you are planning to use your camera for, check with the agencies you plan on submitting to for requirements.  You can use the links I have in this article to set up your accounts (I get a bonus for referring you through these links).


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