Is Photography Art?


Is Photography art? Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, photography art is also. What are the things you enjoy looking at on your walls at home? Is it photography? Is it paintings? Maybe it’s sports memorabilia. No matter what your preference is, everyone has their own decision on what they prefer.

Photography covers a multitude of subjects. Wildlife, landscapes, objects, family, pets, travel, and much more. You can decorate with a favorite theme or a favorite color and photography can be used to focus on those ideas.

There are many sites to buy photographs. These “Stock Photo” sites are used by magazines, blogs, and ordinary people every day to find specific kinds of photography. Here are some links to several sites where you can find my photography that is for sale as stock photos.

Although I have more sites that I sell on, you can get the gist of what photo’s I sell. I also try to make available to my clients the option of choosing a picture and have it printed and mailed directly to them. You can do that by contacting me through the comments.

Art makes wonderful gifts and inspirational viewing to most people. It can bring memories back and make new memories. When looking for art, consider photography.

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