How to sign up as a Photo Contributor on Shutterstock


Of all the stock photo agencies that I sell my photo’s on, Shutterstock is by far the best for me.  It started out as the least paying site but definitely turned into the site that I get the most money from overall.

Setting up an account on any site is easy.  Getting accepted photos is another story. Your photos should be good quality and at least 4 megapixels or more for Shutterstock. Every site has different standards but today we are talking about Shutterstock.

Once you sign up (click here for the link and I’ll get a referral bonus), you can go to this link where it will explain the process for submitting your photographs. Once your photos are submitted, a reviewer will accept or reject your submissions. You’ll need at least 1 of your photos accepted to continue the process so be sure you submit your best photographs during your first submission process.

Quality is important.  Look at your photos at 100% when deciding which photographs to use and make sure they are not blurry. You’ll be happy you take the extra time to make sure you have the best quality photos, it will save you time with keywording and such later. I also suggest keywording your photos before you begin submitting. I have a blog post on keywording here.

Once you begin selling photos on Shutterstock, you can refer people to your photos directly or get other photographers to join through your own referral link. The directions on doing that are here.

If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, start with this one site at first and get the feel of it. After you become comfortable with the process, start working on other sites (I have a list here of other sites that work well for me). Don’t get frustrated. It takes time to learn what works best for you. The extra money you will earn for your photos will be worth it in the end. Good luck to you in your photography endeavors!!!

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