Lights, Camera, Action!

Guest post by Michella Smith


Isn’t it grand to know the excitement that comes from effectual photography! And the passion that brings the jazz to it all you ask? Well, let’s take a little hike and explore this further. Any individual who radiates that special appetite to feed the photography hunger know exactly what we’re talking about here!

This incredible life that we sojourn is absolutely too amazing that we dare not miss those fire moments when digital snapshots deserve a glorious capturing! Nor could we spend what seems an eternity on this delightful planet of earth and remain absent from freezing those frames that seize the essence of our visual world.

Remember those crazy, fun basketball games in high school when our team scored and the cheerleaders were jumping like kangaroos and our home crowd kicked the bleachers with The Dukes of Hazard in a Dodge Charger energy?! Well, that’s the kind of enthusiasm that delivers the beautiful and wonderful spirit of photography.

Now, who on earth wouldn’t like to snap that perfect image that boasts the colors of a cosmic buffet? What a delight it is to challenge our optical sights through the incredible visuals of those special photos that deliver energy and zest to the very heart. Good photography is chicken soup to the soul!

Art has been and yet remains the essence of visual stimulation since the beginning of time. Good photography defines the manifestation of the celebration of life, children, events, history, and much more. Quality photography has the ability to overshadow many life occurrences that have caused us to forget the powerful moments that brought us joy, love, laughter, and sorrow. A soulful journey cherishes the elements that allow us to see all, remember all, and capture all. And full-flavored photography savors these very things. Airsoft Zone

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